Special call OM100IG

Callsign OM100IG will be active from 7th May to 31st December 2012 to honour 100th anniversary of Ivan A. Getting´s birthday (1912-2003).

His ancestors came from Bytča, Slovakia. He was an outstanding technician, also called „the forgoten genius“ and the fater of GPS - a world famous navigation system caried by many of us in cars or pockets. Ivan A. Getting also improved radar which helped to save London from bombing during World War II.

Members and friends of Amateur Radio Club Station "Manin" would like to commemorate him in this way.

Online log of OM100IG is available here
QSL card could be send via bureau (S.A.R.A. QSL Bureau, P.O. Box 1, 852 99 Bratislava, Slovakia) or direct to OM3BY.

For more information about Ivan A. Getting see:

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